My name is Kenny Peters. I am the current band director at Bellville High School. We are a 4A program with pretty decent numbers. Generally marching around 120 students. I have used Fred this year to design a great drill for us. In addition I have been a smaller school director of a 3A programs where we have also used Fred’s drill and advanced to Area for the first time in many years. His drill’s make sense and flow and work very well for programs of all sizes. He is very communicative and quick on return of changes and adjustments when needed. All together he is a great writer and is flexible to work with props or suggested ideas to make your show come together with the one purpose and goal of success. 

Kenny PetersDirector of Bands, Bellville High School, Bellville, Texas

I have had the honor of working with Fred for the past two marching seasons. When I first got in contact with him, he was quick in responding and had no hesitation in his willingness to invest his time in me, my students, and our program. He takes exactly what I have in mind and brings it to life. He provides efficiently, timeliness, flexibility, cooperation, and more – all for what I’m looking for in a drill writer! I look forward to working with him in the future!

Ryan PirokDirector of Bands, Carlinville High School, Carlinville, Illinois

Fred has written drill for us for the past three years and we have enjoyed working with him! He is always willing to make adjustments as needed to make sure the show fits our group, and I appreciate him checking in to see how things are going.

Bailey PetersmaDirector of Bands, Tatum High School, Tatum, Texas

Fred does a great job! He is really fast and his instructions are very thorough. He is great at taking a visual concept and matching it perfectly to the music. His placement of selections when they have the melody is also very well thought out. I have enjoyed working with him these last two years! I highly recommend him!

John RussellDirector of Bands, Pasquotank County High School, Elizabeth City, North Carolina

I highly recommend Fred Meyer as a drill writer; when our program ran into an issue with our current writer meeting deadlines on delivering drill, Fred stepped up and rewrote our entire opener in less than 48 hours. The quality of the writing was high and his efforts saved our marching show from having a disastrous opening performance. I cannot recommend Fred Meyer enough – he is a good drill writer and an awesome guy!

Fun Examples - Gulf Coast Drill Design - Caliente - 450x300
Mike MurdockDirector of Bands, CE King High School, Houston, Texas

I was very happy with Fred and his drill. He understands the needs of small school directors and gave me plenty of attention. He is very easy to work with. He understands clearly that directors must often address circumstances and needs that force “artistic expression” of drill into a lower priority. For instance, one year I asked him for drill that was “more blocky, less curvy” because my students had trouble with curved shapes. However, he is also very capable of writing artistic drill for bands who can execute it. I recommend Fred to anyone.

Ron WilliamsDirector of Bands, Linden Kildare High School, Linden, Texas

Gulf Coast Drill Design has been designing drill for the Pilot Point High School band for the last three years. Mr. Meyer has done an outstanding job in customizing drill that is specifically tailored to my group of students. He has written high level shows that have been very competitive toward other shows being written in the area. The creativity and design of the shows have been outstanding. One of the reasons why I keep coming back to Mr. Meyer is the level of professionalism that he has toward his clients. He has always been willing to make adjustments throughout the season and tries to stay in touch with his clients to make sure everything is going well. I would highly recommend Fred Meyer at Gulf Coast Drill Design.

Gulf Coast Drill Design - Pilot Point High School - 2015 Mission Beyond
Dan BalkemaDirector of Bands, Pilot Point High School, Pilot Point, Texas

Fred does a great job. He goes above and beyond in providing you a quality product at a great price. You can’t go wrong having him write your drill!

Gulf Coast Drill Design - Edna High School Band - 2015 Heart
Steve SmithDirector of Bands (retired), Edna High School, Edna, Texas

I have used Mr. Meyer’s drill writing services for the past two years and have been very impressed with the outcome of the show. He works really well with you to put together a show that fits your group and music. He understands how a show needs to look in order to get the most impact from the drill. Mr. Meyer is very easy to work with and he is always ready to try new things in his drill writing. I would recommend that anyone use Mr. Meyer for their drill and I believe they would be as satisfied as I am with his drill writing.

Gulf Coast Drill Design - Stafford High School Band - 2010 Fathoms
Rod RodriguezDirector of Bands, Stafford High School, Stafford, Texas

He has done my show for several years as well as others in the area. He has lots of experience with different size groups and is very easy to work with.

Gulf Coast Drill Design - Columbia High School - 2013 Grand Slam A Baseball Tribute
Randy MarbleDirector of Bands, Columbia High School, West Columbia, Texas