Once you make contact with me, we will talk about your needs as far as a show. I will have a questionnaire that will determine your strengths and weaknesses and what you want as far as a drill. I will to the best of my ability create a show that is something that you will like and something that you wanted.

Start the Show

After we agree on a price, I will create an opener. Once that is completed, I will send that opener in a “rough” stage meaning not cleaned up or with instructions on it. I will send it either with the actual Pyware file itself, or if you don’t have Pyware, a video file of the animation. At that point, you will have the chance to tell me whether you like it or not. If it is something that you think needs to be changed, it will be done so. If it is something you do like, I will go on to the next section where I will then give you the chance to do the same thing. Once the show is completed, I will get your approval, then clean it up, type instructions on it, and send it to you. I can send it to you in several ways. I can send the charts and coordinate sheets by email via pdf files. I can also send you the actual Pyware files themselves which you can print off of.

Show Videos

If you wish, I can display your drill via YouTube so others can see it or send you a video file of the animation for you to display. If you wish, I can also send a DVD of the animation at no extra charge.


Pricing is usually negotiated. As a general rule, I generally charge by the number of sets. For bands under 80 charted members, I usually ask for $30 a set; for bands over 80 members, $40 a set. I understand the budget crunch of school districts so that number can change as needed. I can provide a contract if needed.


In order to get started on the show, I will need the following:

  • A score of your music.
  • The numbers in your band by instrumentation including battery breakdown and colorguard.
  • A recording of your music if available.